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The approaching staccato of heels, intensifying rustle of silk and whisper of satin, familiar elements of sandal wood and florentine iris flower announce her arrival. «Femme fatale» is close.
The new project, called «Femme fatale», is dedicated to fashion, beauty, culture of eating well and lifestyle. Let’s meet the founder and host of the project, Julia Dashina. Her plans include showing us everything that is important to a real woman. Julia and her reporters will conduct reportages from the most glamorous premieres and fashion show, meet with top experts from around the world, including: designers, stylists, makeup artists, genetic scientists, psychologists, dieticians, plastic surgeons, popular exhibition centres, concert halls and most recognised clinics in the world. «Femme fatale» is a program, where all power is in the hands of the women”, says Julia. We ask what is that pow-er held over… Afisha Cyprus: Can you lift the veil of mystery from what awaits the viewer? “With great pleasure! First of all, there is the POWER OVER THE COURSE OF TIME. How can you find out the age of your body, skin, cells and organs?! How do you stop time? «Femme fatale» will present latest scientific findings, most effective practices and year-long research results in the fields of rejuvenation, health and beauty. Each week the viewers will get free consultations from top specialists in the world, including: generic scientists, plastic surgeons, anti-ageing professionals that deal with aesthetics and age-reversing nutrition, phlebologists, gynaecologists, sleep therapists, osteopaths, practitioners of bio-fa-cial modelling and instructors in Kegel exercises” Second of all, the POWER OVER MEN. What do you say to a man right after orgasm?

Which of your outstanding qualities must you display openly? Which fashion mistakes can lead to the total destruction of your private life? What can never, ever be criticised? What gestures can push someone away and which ones can attract him? Should you ask or demand? Give in or insist? How do you stimulate and encourage men? All these questions will be answered with the help of «Femme fatale» and the experts, which are well known psychotherapists, psychologists and sexologists. Certainly, there is also POWER OVER FASHION.Why white items should be duplicated immediately? Why do you need 5 dresses that are the same in your wardrobe? Can you leave the house without a bag? How was the famous Pirelli magazine created? What did Karl Lagerfeld suggest we wear this year? How do you discover your own style? Where do you buy yourself a lunch with a billionaire? Where do you buy a plate set or an oil rig? «Femme fatale» will take you to all the important fashion show, will open the backstage for you and provide recommendations from professionals of the worldwide calibre, including: stylists, makeup artists and designers. or many women it is important to gain POWER OVER THEIR OWN WEIGHT. This can hide the beauty of a woman. It is dangerous, tricky, yet, it is also possible to beat it. The hated excess fat. How do we get rid of it? Together with fitness instructors, doctors and dieticians, «Femme fatale» will uncover the most dangerous aspects of excess fat, the types of it and specifics of such. The program will also provide solutions to this issue. You will be provided detox programs, which helped famous actors and signers shed extra pounds. You will find out about the proper balancing of proteins, fats and carbs. You will learn the formula for optimal eating time intervals, the rule of a single plate and find out how to serve food to the table. Then there is the POWER OVER THINGS.

Enticing aromas and head-turning perfumes. Which of them should be in your house and which should now… Coolness of the bedroom. What bed linens should you pick in the summer? How can you combat self-consciousness through the interior de-sign of your home? Soft or rough…pick the touch that you need. I will tell you how to be more successful to-morrow, more attractive and balanced. In other words, you will learn how to be more perfect than you are today. You don’t need to guess, get lost in the process. Just switch on the TV and watch «Femme fatale». Afisha Cyprus: Julia, is it correct to say that «Femme fatale» is a personal beautician, fashion professional, stylist, interior designer, tour guide and family psychologists? “That is entirely correct! Our program finds ways to to uncover the latest, most innovative things and predict what will spike viewers’ inter-est.We are inviting top international experts to take part.” Afisha Cyprus: You created the concept of the show. Tell us a little about the founder of «Femme fatale». What experiences shaped your vision? What part of you can they hope to uncover by viewing the show? Every woman dreams of achieving her goal, sooner or later. I can help make it happen faster. I travelled, met different people, practices yoga and art, studied nutritional methods, organised events and gala dinners. Now I can share that with people… In fact, prior to my move to Cyprus I worked on TV, hosting a popular program for women. Ever since I landed in Cyprus, that background knowledge was brewing to come out in some form. I just know a shortcut! To beauty, youth, love. Some of the places where I worked and visited include: Tibet, where you learn harmony; Lon-don, where you learn about fitness lifestyle; USA, where you discover wellness; Switzerland, which teaches you to practice self-control. These are just examples. Afisha Cyprus: We are truly intrigued! Everyone wishes to look in the mirror and see a youthful, beautiful, successful and cared for woman. A «Femme fatale» type of woman.