Miss Prestige Cannes 2018 by Femme Fatale

And so, the first stage of the Miss Prestige Cannes 2018 by Femme Fatale is over. Hundreds of people were rooting for our contestants.

Power of aroma

Today I am going to talk about aroma. I have an interesting and sensual relationship with it. How things and people smell is very important to me. People […]

Interview for afisha magazine

The approaching staccato of heels, intensifying rustle of silk and whisper of satin, familiar elements of sandal wood and florentine iris flower announce her arrival. «Femme fatale» is […]

Who are these Alpha Males?

Very often I hear people say “He’s such an Alfa male!” Or worse I hear “In case you hadn’t noticed, I am an Alpha male!” What image comes […]

“Comfort” a psychological trap?

Enough! I’m sick of hearing about the so-called ‘comfort zone’. That this ‘comfort zone’ is something that we need to sacrifice in order to succeed. Numerous business seminars […]

Rest in peace of mind

In recent years, there has been a global baby-boom. Celebrities such as Natalia Vodyanova, Heidi Klum, Victoria Beckham and Lena Perminova have three, four and sometimes even up […]