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“Comfort” a psychological trap?

Enough! I’m sick of hearing about the so-called ‘comfort zone’. That this ‘comfort zone’ is something that we need to sacrifice in order to succeed. Numerous business seminars and psychologists state that: in order to achieve what you’re striving for, you must always exit your ‘comfort zone.’ Everything that you want and desire lies outside of this zone. Most people take this advice very seriously, especially women. When women think that they are content, happy and that life is running normally they often consider this to be a bad sign.

They recognize that they are in their comfort zone and they believe this to be a negative thing. They think there’s something wrong with them and that if they stay in this space they will not fulfill their full potential. They ask themselves, ‘how can I get out of this?’ This is a common trap that women fall into! So what is a comfort zone? It’s your way of living, it’s the things you do that make your feel comfortable and safe. So what about it? Do you need to start experiencing more discomfort and mess up your entire life?

When someone is in their comfort zone they are never tense. They are devoid of stress and nervous energy. Nowadays, when life is so full of stressful situations, a woman who stands confidently in her comfort zone enjoys immediate stand out. To be in her company is pleasant and she exudes an attractive, positive energy. You’re allowed to stay in your comfort zone. Pamper yourself, love yourself, buy yourself beautiful things, eat delicious sweets and do everything to nurture your beloved self. Your comfort should be your first priority.

A person who doesn’t push their boundaries too far, is always relaxed and this is an enviable quality. I have personal experience of pushing my boundaries too far and the result of which was a huge number of inconveniences that had not previously bothered me. It’s all a big misunderstanding. When people feel that they lack something they think it’s because they are in their comfort zone but actually the opposite is true! More often than not, you are already in the ‘danger zone’ and this is the starting point of all your troubles.

For example you could hate your job, have unfulfilling relationships, be forced to socialise with boring people, live in a place or a property that you can’t call home and countless other barriers to happiness. The magic starts when you give yourself permission to leave the ‘danger zone’ and enter your true comfort zone. As soon as you do it you will feel surprisingly relieved and satisfied. I like the idea that you should ‘expand your comfort zone’. Go out of your way to find new sources of joy and happiness.

Yes! Sometimes it might be scary but as Madonna said, “My fear of something usually means that I have to do it.” This approach to life is for the bravest among us. Think long and hard about why you are trying to leave your comfort zone and don’t be pushed into it without having a very good reason. My belief is that if it’s good for me, then it’s good for everyone around me.